No Roots

I haven't been this cold in 2 weeks

I'm back in having spent the last two weeks in Toronto. Although it was around zero Celsius for my entire trip, thanks to modern heating I was never cold. However I'm now sitting at my desk and my extremities are turning blue due to over zealous air conditioning. Time to go run my hands under warm water... again.

It's a sunny day today... I can tell because when I was outside this morning, I could look straight up and detect a powder blue backdrop to the haze. But as I'm not in the habit of walking around staring at the zenith, the day looks altogether overcast. Staring across to the horizon, through several kilometers of smoke, everything is dull and grey.

I forgot about this global warming thing the whole time I was in . For a while, I joined the blissful ignorance of those in temperate climes. Well let me tell you people: you're in for a BIG surprise! The planet is already going up in smoke. It's just happening to some of us sooner than others.

PS: Signs You've Been Here Too Long

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