No Roots

The world is fully of scary men

Is Saddam a bad guy? Most certainly. The worst? By all accounts, Kim Jong-il, who has been flaunting his nuclear arms development programme, is a much worse character. So will the US take him out next as the South Koreans fear? Of course not. Although the Chinese have been rather successful at pretending they live on another planet, the US stepping into their back yard would be going too far. The US will stay out.
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How long does it take Arab leaders to figure out the implications of that? China is too strong for the US to waltz in and dictate their agenda. But not so in the middle east. The combined might of the Arab world does not threaten Bush in the least.

How long will it be before the Arabs realise they need to tool up lest the Bushes of the world walk all over them? They are losing face big time. Does this campaign not encourage, as opposed to discourage, countries to gain the might to ensure sovereignty? The outcome is so obvious that one has to wonder whether Bush is setting the ground for the final conflict on purpose.

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