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Digital Photo Frames Snob Warning

I recently picked up a digital photo frame on an impulse. A guy in my office has one that looks pretty good so I grabbed one at the checkout counter of the computer place where I was buying a new external hard drive.

I like the concept but the one I got really sucks. It constantly displays a clock in one corner (there is no way to turn this off), the picture quality is low, the shortest view setting is 5 seconds per picture... and the setup manual is wrong. I had to figure out how to program the thing myself because the manual must be for an old configuration. CRAPOLA.

Off I went to find a better frame. Looking at the Amazon reviews made me none the wiser so I thought I'd try All Experts again. Unfortunately the expert I asked declined to answer on account of the fact she was not familiar with these frames. She also suggested that this technology was an insult to her work as a professional. Pullease. I mean we're all looking at this stuff on a screen - right? Get off it lady. If I can find technology that makes my pictures more accessible, say at the office, then why the hell not?

I haven't found the definitive answer to my question which is: what is the best digital frame for high resolution images?

But there are a few places worth checking out: Gizmodo, PictureSnob (guess what inspired that search?!) and some good basic advice is given by Consumer Reports.

So far my searches have lead me to this Philips 6.5" model and its 8" cousin. They supposedly have the best picture quality. Unfortunately, the software is reported to be completely idiotic and in order to get it working it will take hours of tinkering.

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