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The leading news story in Singapore is not the war. It's SARS. For now, we are out of harms way when it comes to hostilities in the middle east. But the unseen killer could strike us anywhere.

A lot of resources are going into the containment of SARS. As of yesterday, the WHO reported 58 deaths. That's the same as were killed by one bomb dropped on an Iraqi market.

The Americans could possibly save themselves some $$$ by dropping a few sick Hong Kongers into Bagdad. I suppose that would be considered biological warfare and against the rules.

SARS Incoming

The war in Iraw doesn't look like it will end anytime soon. The Iraqis are dug in and are proving not so easy to root out.

Perhaps SARS will be the peacemaker.

SARS will not be contained. It's growing at 10% per day. It is on the verge of being out of control. The tipping point may be weeks away or just days. The authorities known this. All they can hope is that the virus can be contained long enough for labs to come up with a vaccine or cure.

We're all trying hard to not get sick. But maybe getting sick sooner is better than later. Later, medical resources may be stretched too thin for anyone to get adequate care.

Unless the CDC quickly comes up with a cure, we will reach a point that Americans will require that the national budget is put into stopping SARS, a very tangible threat, as opposed to Saddam Hussein - a much more fuzzy villian. But will the realisation come too late?

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