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How to Earn Good Net Karma: The Laws of Narma

This morning I realised that I have way more ear wax when I'm in Singapore than when I'm in Canada. Gross but true.

Not 5 minutes later, while surfing for something else altogether, I came across this:

Wet, sticky earwax is more common in hot, moist environments.

I find this weird cyber serendipity happening to me a lot lately. The force is with me. But why?

Being able to find stuff easily - or without even looking for it at all - is just good Net Karma - or Narma for short. I believe I've earned my good Narma through years of contributing interesting but useless factoids to the collective intelligence of the internet as well as using appropriate subject headings for my e-mails along with other form of good e-mail netiquette (even though nobody remembers what this means anymore).

Also, perhaps I have reached the tipping point of my involvement in cyberculture through my blogs, mefi, flickr and 43things amongst others. I have thus come to the attention of the cybergods who smile on me and throw scraps of data my way like prasad. Then of course there's my Wikipedia contributions although I'm very sure that writing Amazon Reviews are generally bad for Narma and will land you in digital purgatory.

Oh and one must not forget all the good Narma earned by appropriate use of technorati tags!

So what else can earn you Good Narma?

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