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Diego Stories: A Role Model

While generally adults are supposed to be role models for children, with Diego it's usually the other way around. I learned this first hand.

I accompanied Diego and his dad to a choir audition. The kids auditioned 3 at a time and when Diego emerged, I asked him how he did. Then I asked about the other kids who went in with him.

Me: How did the other boys do?

Diego: OK I guess.

Me: What about the fat kid? Can the fat kid sing?

Diego (looking at me kindly with what seemed a slight look of pity for my brutishness): Don't say "Fat" say "Plump."

Sheepish looks followed from me.

Diego is a 10 year old catholic boy and the child of friends of mine. He is a child prodigy of piety. The stories about him are so unusual I decided I should record them. His brother, Matteo, is his opposite.

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