No Roots

Never Buy a Cat

There is no need to buy a cat - ever.

If you want a cat, get one from the SPCA. In Singapore you can also go to the Cat Welfare Society or better still, visit Phyllis' place: Paw Pledge. She is housing over 300 cats rescued from around the island. A number of the cats she houses are listed here.

If you like cats but don't feel you can give a home to one right now, then do this:
1. Visit Paw Pledge and spend an hour playing with the cats who love the affection
2. Give Phyllis a donation towards upkeep

Phyllis' Cattery
Paw Pledge
210D Ponggol 17th Avenue
9734 8329

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Blogger Chinky

Malay Village feeders (only two) are hoping that people out there are able to help in funding some of their sterilisation programme for the cats there.. They need to do trapping, sterilisation and recuperating before these cats can be release at the Malay Village again. I am writing in on their behalf as the situation seems desperate too. Some of the cats are sterilised and some are not.

We have spoken to the management and they wants us to sterilise the adult cats first. The younger ones will be sterilised later. I do not mind to paying some cost for the trapping of these cats but at least i hope there ppl living in the area of even some kind souls would be able to help ease/defray the cost of sterilisation as these feeders/caregivers are only working part time. In fact there caregivers are also feeding other areas too..You will be a great help if you could also help in feeding these cats/kittens at designated location within the vicinity of Malay Village on alternate days too as one of the caregiver is staying further away too. We also hope that some tenants there who love cats will be able to help too.

If you would like to help and also ask further please contact me at mobile 91598151, lynn

Saturday, May 31, 2008  

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