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SETI: Calling Collect

I have a peeve about SETI. SETI searches the airwaves for a call from ET. Although most scientists agree that odds are in favour of intelligent life out there, as yet we haven't found evidence of it.

As it happens, we humans don't bother sending a signal out ourselves. This is because of (1) the energy and thus cost involved and (2) the payback would take several thousand years so why bother.

Well if you believe they're out there, then why be a freeloader? If ET has the same attitude, we'll never get a call through! I suggest making a bit of effort on this front and perhaps it will result in a bit of good karma on the SETI front. Let's make the first call. At the very least, it may mean the universe will echo with our voices after we're all long gone.

I suspect the SETI folks might feel the same way but they probably have barely enough money to do anything but listen. So what do you say Bill? Care to shout at the universe? Think of all the markets without Internet Explorer...

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Blogger Missbossy

OK no sooner did I post this that I discovered you can place the call for $3.99/ minute: E.T., don't phone home--we'll call you

Sunday, April 24, 2005  

Anonymous Anonymous

well, if there are other humans out there we have a chance of establishing communication. but i think life forms on other planets are beyond our senses, limits and means. they have an isolated world of thier own. i think we weren't meant to interact with them in the first place, things were designed that way. just a thought. i believe the sun has life on it. life that has bodies made of heat like our bodies are made of skin. after all matter(skin) and heat are both forms of energy, no?

spending money on trying to communicate with the worlds beyond is wastage of money (if there is such a thing as wastage of money - i.e. i think money is a concept not a reality). just wait until you're dead. you'll get to roam around the whole place as a spirit and you'll get to know about all sorts of life forms. i know it sounds like a big joke. but unfortunately i'm serious. i really believe everything i just wrote. hope it prepares you for what is to come.

Monday, April 25, 2005  

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