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Home Again

I've been in Canada for the past two weeks. Being there was nice... getting there and back was no piknik. I thought it was bad enough that I had to spend 8 hours in JFK waiting for my connecting flight on the way to Toronto... but on the way back, Air Canada got to Newark 2 hours late and I missed my connecting flight. That meant I had to entertain myself at the Marriot Newark for 24 hours as SQ only flies from there once a day.

I took the 19 hour non-stop to Singapore. What a great flight. The "executive economy" seats are a business class hybrid with a spacious 2-3-2 configuration. I mostly watched films and cat-napped. At one point when I awoke, it was night and we were flying over the himalyas. You could see the snow covered mountain tops reflected in the moon light 20 thousand feet below. In the distance, storm clouds shimmered with cracks of lightening. The storm must have been a thousand kilometres long.

I'm over my jetlag now... am also back to myself. The trip home was really a trip. KT had some surprises for me which really blew my mind... I can't reveal her secret though until she's ready to tell the world.

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