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Who else is on the Notorious Markets List?

There have been numerous reports that is at the top of the "Notorious Markets List" - that meaning that the market are notorious, not the list. But who else is on this list? Does it really exist?

It does. The list, compiled by the Office of the United States Trade Representative, identifies markets which do not protect Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) thus permitting counterfeiting and piracy. The list  is part of the annual Special 301 Report which is available in full for download.

The following is extracted from the Report:

Virtual Markets

  • (Russia). "the world’s largest server-based pirate music website"
  • Baidu (China). the largest of an estimated seven or more China-based “MP3 search engines” offering deep links to song files for downloads or streaming.
  • Kuro (Taiwan). In September 2005, managers of Kuro, a peer-to-peer service, were found guilty along with a subscriber of criminal copyright infringement and sentenced to prison terms.

Physical Markets
A veritable who's who of "where to get your knockoffs." Activities in these markets include "rampant sale of counterfeit fashion and apparel product" and "bulk sales of small consumer goods."

  • Xiangyang Market (Shanghai, China)
  • Silk Street Market (Beijing, China)
  • Yiwu Wholesale Market (Yiwu, China)
  • Gorbushka, Rubin Trade Center, Tsaritsino, and Mitino (Moscow, Russia)
  • Tri-Border Region (Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil)
  • Stand Center, "25 de Marco" Shopping Center, and Promocenters (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
  • Tepito, Plaza Meave, Eje Central, Lomas Verdes, and Pericoapa Bazaar (Mexico City), CAPFU (Puebla, Mexico), and San Juan de Dios (Guadalajara, Mexico)

For a more in depth look at the markets on the priority watchlist (including China, Russia, Argentina, Belize, Brazil, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Isreal, Lebanon, Turkey, Ukrain, Venezuala) check out the Priority Watchlist report (PDF).

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