No Roots

The Olympian 5 Ring circus

Olympics coverage in Singapore is a rather sad affair.

Firstly, it consists largely of badminton and table tennis with cursory glances at other sports that Singapore has no hope of qualifying for. Secondly, it only comes on at 11pm for an hour long recap... unless of course you are gainfully unemployed and free to watch the live broadcast of badminton matches at 2:30 in the afternoon.

Watching the success of Singaporean Olympians makes for a rather short telecast so there is also focus on the victories of other Asians and then underdogs in general. But then who didn't rejoice at the triumph of Puerto Rico over the US in basketball? Who didn't besides the Americans of course...

The presenters could, however, probably do better at concealing their glee. After clips of the upset, the announcer said with a huge smile “and stay tuned for more crushing US defeats after the break!”

Well if you can’t rejoice in your own victory, watching the fall of the mighty is the next best thing.

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