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Is Google your doctor?

Google is my doctor, but for anything of concern, I always get a second opinion because Google is a bit of a quack.

For instance I recently asked Dr. Google about a small mouth ulcer on the inside of my lip. It's been there 3 weeks and appears set to stay. I searched on lump, translucent, purplish, hard, clear, mouth, ulcer, blister, canker... Google's diagnosis? Mouth Cancer. It was pretty clear-cut. For other complaints I've tended to be given a range of diagnoses from terminal to embarrassing but benign. In this case there seemed to be no options. I’d have to have part of my face removed and reconstruction surgery with bits of my arm.

So I went off to my dentist as recommended. He spent less than 30 seconds examining my sore, and then charged me $50 for his diagnosis: blocked saliva gland.

It turns out that if the mouth sore tends to wax and wane in size (as mine does) it's unlikely to be cancer as that's a one-way growth story.

And the cure? It seams the treatment largely involves some form of self-mutilation (you can lance it and if it still doesn't clear up, a deeper incision may do the trick). Of course the dentist is willing to do the dirty work for another $100 or so but there's no guarantees it won't come back.

I've now attacked it with a variety of pins, razors and tweezers to no avail. My efforts tend to result in blood, a small infection, then a remission of about a day before it's back.

I think I need to google for a supplier of special implements for auto-surgery.

Anyway, that's my contribution to Google the quack on the subject of benign mouth conditions (along with suitably gross picture). The moral of the story is, don't panic before you get a second opinion as Google is a bit of an alarmist.

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Blogger Penguin Trauma

OMG!!!! I have EXACTLY the same thing!! A lump on my bottom lip, hasn't gone away for two weeks, looks exactly like your one, and I've been going out of my mind with worry, I've resigned myself into thinking it is mouth cancer. Especially as I smoke (though I have made a meticulous plan to quit this weekend - I have a three day break)

Still going to the doctors on Monday, to rule out anything "sinister", but after seeing your blog, I feel somewhat better.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007  

Blogger Andrew

As a pharmacist, we recommend that if a mouth ulcer does not clear within 3 weeks, then you should go see a doctor. We are talking about one ulcer that remains for 3 weeks. Note that sometimes there are more than one ulcer present at a time and they come and go. Mouth cancer is alarming, but it only accounts for 2% of all body cancers.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007  

Blogger Czarina

I have the exact same thing as well!
I got a small one first, but after several times of absentmindedly playing with it, the 'bump' grew to the size or a pin head (like your picture).

Anyway, what's the update on your blocked saliva gland? I'm curious to know as I've had this for a week and four days.

Monday, February 25, 2008  

Blogger john

yup... i have the same thing. I'm thinking of getting it professionally removed, as i can't seem to get rid of it with my own methods (usually cutting and pain etc.) damn its annoying

Tuesday, April 01, 2008  

Blogger cazths

I think I have the same thing butI was just wanting to ask....has anyones bump turned white?

Thursday, April 10, 2008  

Blogger liz


Sunday, May 04, 2008  

Blogger q's n a's

Yes.. Mines White.. lol I have a habit of chewing on the inside of my mouth. mine looked like that picture in the beginning but I started chewing it off.. but each time it comes back bigger and white. the doctor and the dentist says its no big deal, they said it turned white because my body was forming something around it to portect it? lol i dont remember Ive had it for a few years now. use to hurt when i bit into it but now i just bite around it lol

Sunday, July 06, 2008  

Blogger Mokopi

Ok, I've the same prob here man... Its been bloody hell there for like near a month?! Someone pls tell me what to do! Its hindering me somehow...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008  

Blogger royerdel

I'm relieved to see that there are normal people out there with the same problem and questions. I felt it right to make my own contribution. Google the words, "oral mucocele". Hope this gives you some relief. Regardless, when it comes to your health, don't take chances. Go see a doctor, maybe a dermatologist.

Saturday, September 20, 2008  

Blogger Missbossy

I am glad to actually have a name for this now. It amazes me that after four years this post still gets hits and after so long can generate such useful info as the actual name of the thing: oral mucocele


Saturday, September 20, 2008  

Blogger Katherine


Tuesday, September 23, 2008  

Blogger Emily

I had the same's a blocked salavary gland...also known as a mucus dentist told me to go to an oral surgeon...they do sometimes go away on their own but i had mine for 2 months...he did a surgery removed it ( IT WAS THE SIZE OF A PEA!)
and stitched it up...the thing is now i have a second one and i really dom't wanna go through another surgery hopefully this one will go away on it's own!

Friday, August 07, 2009  

Blogger odomi

I have a wart on my right middle finger and feared that it might have transmitted to my mouth.

Thanks for the info, I have the same thing and for some reason I think I remember bumping my lower lip somewhere. I poked it one time with a needle because it formed something white on top, and removed that part. 1 week later, the white part came back. In my understanding from reading some link, it's trying to repair itself.

Occasionally I also get them in the inner cheek, sometimes due to allergic reaction of something I ate (I think), something with seafood.

My plan is to leave it alone for 1 week, even if it is so annoying and fun to play with, and see if it goes away.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010  

Blogger bart

Omg I feel so relieved after reading this, I was thinking that I had mouth cancer as I smoke pretty heavy, it looks exacly as the one in the picture and the funny thing is its on my lower lip as well on the left side idk why from reading other posts it seems that they tend to form there.... so how did you get rid of yours? I just noticed mine today and it is already quite big, don't want to trouble my dentist and spend money if it will go away on its own or maybe ill just cut it out myself like you have attempted to

Friday, October 01, 2010  

Blogger Linh

I have exactly the same thing, it turns white today. LOl I don't know what to do now. Can anyone help?

Friday, December 31, 2010  

Blogger whiteethan

im no doctor but ive had a few of those exactly the same and im A little more than positive thats a blocked saliva gland, it produces swelling like that looks JUST like that and is hard to go away, Mine were surgically removed, and it wasnt so bad u dont get put to sleep just laffing gas(: Just dont get too scared thats really not as bad as you think it is.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011  

Blogger Adam

I have one too... I did some looking and it seems it could be some kind of wart? I read something about it possibly being HPV... I like the blocked saliva gland better so I hope thats all it is.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011  

Blogger Mike

I now feel very relieved!!! I have the same thing. It goes away and then comes right back. Thanks for the post! I literally thought...Is this the way I'm going to die? Wow it's only been about two weeks but I am going to the doctor next week just to be sure. Thanks again!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012  

Blogger karebear0990

Thank god, I just went to the doctor today. In the picture it looks just like what mine started out as a few years ago, but I "popped" it and now its stayed a white, raised but flat bump. It's been there a long time so I thought I better get it checked out. Did anyone ever get a definite answer on what it was? I have to go to a specialist but I'm really stressed thinking about what it could be...Thanks

Thursday, July 25, 2013  

Blogger Maria Evangelou

I had the same for 2 weeks or so, and I went to a dentist who confirmed it was a blocked saliva gland. It went away in the 3rd week, then it came back! I called the dentist who realised I was scared, she said its nothing to worry about. But I can opt to have it surgically removed.

Sunday, January 19, 2014  

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