No Roots

On Auto Surgery

After forcing myself to get loads of rest over the weekend, my tinnitus has subsided completely... well as complete as it gets. The very faint high pitched whine is still there at night if I listen carefully. Otherwise I can enjoy total silence.

And as for the horrible little bubble in my mouth, I finally effected a permanent cure by hacking the whole thing off with a pair of nail clippers then dousing it with betadine and adding a glass of wine to my lunch (I'm going with the theory it had antiseptic properties). All in all, it was around for about 3 weeks.

This is not my first, nor most dramatic self-inflicted invasive treatment. The worst was when I got a fish bone stuck in my throat. The doctor in emergency, who tried in vain for 15 minutes to shove a shoe horn down my throat, said there was nothing there. The X-ray came up clean and I was told I'd probably just scratched my throat. I was, however, warned to return immediately if I got a pain in my chest because that would mean the bone had pierced my thorax and I would die.

I went back home but was extremely uncomfortable. There was definitely a bone there and I had no intention of waiting for my thorax to be pierced. So I reached down into the base of my throat (a good 8-9 inches from my lips) and pulled out a triangular bone that was 5mm x 8mm (a fish bone - not mine - and looked like a part of the spinal column). Pretty scary that something that big could go undetected on an x-ray...

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