No Roots

Bye Bye Zone Alarm

For the second time, end the Zone Alarm Pro trial period and moving back to the free version has messed up my system. So I decided to uninstall the thing once and for all. I've run the uninstaller though I'm on notice from various sources on the web that it's pretty sticky and a number of annoying files get left behind.

When I rebooted after the uninstal, my Explorer default font size had been switch to "Huge - for the legally blind." Very weird. I've switched it back now but am waiting for the next Easter Egg.

I'm about to try Sybase. Fingers crossed. My DVD drive died yesterday so I'm in the middle of a bit of bad PC karma. I guess that's kind of an oxymoron to anyone on a Mac. I feel like a bit of a moron for not making the switch but I still like the grittyness of this windows technology. The whole thing seems put together with bits of rubber band and tape. Keeps it feral.

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