No Roots

Too Nice

I don't know how to take it when someone is really nice to me. When someone is genuinely, selflessly nice, I kind of fall apart inside.

I just got off the phone with a colleague of mine. He is a relatively young and extremely successful managing director at my bank. He has been promoted and is now moving out of Asia. I called him on a deal, and he took the opportunity to thank me for my help over the past few years. He was incredibly sincere. He said, "You have made a difference in my career."

That's just such a nice thing to say that I was left speechless and was basically incapable of responding in any intelligent manner.

I don't know why I can't control my emotions when people are personal like this. I wish I could have responded in kind, with sincerity, because I have enjoyed my working relationship with this person. Instead I just ended up saying something superficial, hanging up and blubbing.

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