No Roots

In Toronto

I'm on the last day of a two week trip to North America.

It started with a week in New York where I had some meetings for work. Manhattan was a crazy place to be last week with Bush in town staying around the corner from me at the Waldorf. There were about 20 cops per city block and dozens of secret service camped out at my hotel (The Palace).

After that it was 4 days in Ottawa - pretty, quiet, cool, relaxing. I did the full tourist package as I had some friends with me who wanted the whole 9 yards.

Now it's 3 days in TO then I'm back to SGP. I'm presently camped out in a part of town where dirty clothes and face piercing are popular. KT is behind me at this internet cafe and we're both rather stuffed on veggie burgars and Juice For Life pick me ups.

She's 4 1/2 months pregnant now and will find out the sex of the baby next week. Life has been pretty tough for her lately and with the preganancy hormones to leverage the experience, she seems to be doing better than you'd expect. I kinda feel like it's the last time I'm gonna hang out with her... in a way. Soon she'll be getting her new-mother lobotomy and it tends to take several years for a new brain to grow back after that. It will be fun to have a niece though... well a niece is expected on account of the fact that KC, dad to be, dreamt about her just before KT found out she was preggers.

A girl is better in a lot of ways but mainly because she won't have to be called Kenneth C Bateman the 4th...

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